2018 Events


Saturday 24th - KUGB Tigers Kata and Ippon Kumite Competition, S.W.F

Sunday 25th - Central Region Kata Squad Training


Saturday 7th - KUGB England Kumite Squad Training, Liverpool

Mon-Fri 8th-13th - KUGB Spring Karate Course, Paignton

Sunday 15th - Central Region Kata Squad Training

Saturday 21st - KUGB Kata Squad Training, Liverpool

Saturday 21st - KUGB Southern Region Masterclass, Brighton

Sunday 22nd - KUGB Special Dan Grade Course & Grading, Chesterfield


Saturday 5th - KUGB  National Championships, Leicester

Saturday 12th - KUGB Kata Standardisation Course

Sunday 27th - Central Region Kata Squad Training


Saturday 2nd - Special Course with Sensei Jimmy and Frank Brennan and Sensei Garry Harford, Brighton

Saturday 9th - KUGB Southern Region Championships, Reading

Saturday 23rd - Central Region Kata Squad Training

Saturday 30th - KUGB National Youth Championships, Chesterfield


 Fri 6 - Sun 8 - Thriftwood Karate Weekend, Brentwood

Thursday 12th -  Club Kyu grading with Sensei Bob Poynton 8th Dan.

Saturday 14th - KUGB Black & Brown Belt Course and Grading, Bath



Mon-Fri 5th-10th - KUGB Karate Summer School, Lancaster




Saturday 22nd - KUGB Shotokan Cup, Chesterfield

Saturday 29th - Central Region Kata Squad Training


Saturday 6th - KUGB Special Dan Grade Course & Grading, Bath

Sunday 21st - Central Region Kata Squad Training


Thursday 8th - Club Kyu Grading with Sensei Bob Poynton 8th Dan


Saturday 1st - Black and Brown Belt Course, Egham

Sunday 2nd - Central Region Kata Squad Training