2018 Events



Chelmsford SKC Karate Event


Special Fundraising Course with Sensei Jack Somers


Saturday, 20th January 2018 1:00pm - 4:00pm



Dovedale Sports Centre
Vicarage Road


Event price

Training only£10.00



The KUGB Charity for 2017/2018 is MIND which reflects the organisation's commitment to promoting good mental health as well as good physical health through KUGB Karate.

Sensei Jack Somers is one of the KUGB's Mental Health Ambassadors and we are absolutely delighted that he has offered to teach a Kata course with all proceeds going to the KUGB's Charity. 

Sensei Jack is a World and European Champion and also the current British Senior Male Individual Kata Champion.   He is known for his strong training regime, positive attitude and high technical standards.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn Kata from one of the top competitors in the World and also to help raise money for MIND.

There are two classes the first for All Grades (white to BlackBelt) and a second Class for Black and Brown Belts only.

1.00 - 2.30 - All Grades

2.30 -4.00 - Black and Brown Belts only.

The cost of training is £10 per person with 100% of proceeds going to the KUGB Annual Charity for 2017/8 - MIND - 'For Better Mental Health'.


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